It all started on ICE train 643, which should have been ICE 1151, but for some reason, every train I ever booked to or from Dortmund has been cancelled. A sensation in my throat suggested, it finally might be time.

Low risk screen (no exposures) of Germany's Corona Warn App

Corona Warn App goes green

But the Corona Warn App just changed from the bright red warning to the nice low risk green?

Arriving home, I opened a test kit and put the swab deep in my mouth and nose. Tick tock. 15 minutes later, only one line appeared: C. Negative.

The night was quite sleepless. Coughing kept me awake.

Maybe the test was false negative? It might have been too early? Or the test was expired? No, still good till September 2022. But there was a bad batch of that particular test…

The only test left was a spit test. Quite disgusting to watch your own saliva slowly drop into the buffer solution.

Positive COVID-19 rapid test

I see double

Oh no!

Better go to a testing site and get a proper test. So, I went to the test centre down the street and let them tickle my nose. This should give me some certainty.

Page in German with a tick at negative

It’s official, I’m healthy

What a relief. Maybe I should leave it at that and enjoy my life?

Well …

Postive PCR test result

Here comes quarantine